We create trusted brands and reputations synonymous with fairness and mutuality.

iKonoclast Ideals

“One day everything will be well. Everything is fine today that is our illusion”


Innovative brand and creative agency

Brand and relationship strategist, digital expert, inspiring design, business warrior, deal makers, legally trained, capital savvy.

i.konoclast inc™ is a multi-discipline, muli-media, brand and relationship strategist specialising in:

  • mutual financial services industry
  • non-major banks
  • boutique investment managers
  • legal & accounting
  • wealth and property advisors
  • boutique investment managers
  • governmental policy makers
  • community leaders
  • environmantalists
  • educators
  • entertainers

We are a corporation with a conscience dedicated to developing pragmatic and strategic solutions to add enduring business and reputation value.

 Ideas Identity Brand Digital Design Media

“You can't wait for inspiration, you have to go after it”

Jack London

Brands we create

Mi Citizens Union

Mi Citizens Union, Finance

Winter City Comics

Winter City, Entertainment

Strange animals come down to drink

Strange animals come down to drink, Publishing

FairGo, mate

FairGo, Mate, Community Platform

“Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do”

Potter Stewart

Who is i.konoclast inc?

Innovation, ideas and superior products do not sell themselves, but an inspiring and trustworthy brand, coupled with concise communication and an ethical mandate, can reshape a market.

Founding partners Mark McIvor and Patrick Purcell believe that every business is a brand and every brand needs a unique and appropriate message.

At the core of the i.konoclast inc™ branding methodology is the belief that business is intrinsically for the betterment of society and that success comes from a balance of commercial gain and community prosperity.

A brand created by i.konoclast inc™ represents honestly, integrity and superior quality.

“To sacrifice your life for an unchanging principle will make you your own master”


Executive Producer, Mark McIvor

Mark McIvor
Executive Producer
& Deal Maker

Executive Producer, Mark McIvor

Patrick Purcell
Creative Director &
Chief of Operations